Aronia at the Korunovo hill is 100 % natural and we pick it up by hand.

It brings feeling great, looking young and it is a perfect antioxidant for your health.
Get to know our 100% natural aronia! 

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Droben sadež za velik učinek.

For feeling great and looking young, for immunity, vitality, preventing number of diseases and better overall quality of life.

From our hands for you.


Important facts about aronia

  • aronia contains from 8 to 10 times more vitamin C than a lemon,
  • it contains most antioxidants among all fruit – 3 times more than blueberries,
  • antioxidants protect your body from free radicals,
  • it has the highest ORAC value among all berries,
  • it contains vitamins; A, C, B1,B2, B6,B12 and vitamin P
  • it contains biophenols, tannin, flavanoids, anthocyanin, carotene and folic accid
  • Minerals; zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, iodine and in phosphorus.
  • It’s bad trait is the berry’s acerbity, but it gets lost with processing and lowers when the berry is fully mature.

Advantages of aronia from Eco farm Korunovo

  • smaller plantation in the idyllic environment of untouched nature
  • eco, local
  • nature-friendly production
  • unsprayed
  • hand picked in its full maturity
  • production takes place as soon as it is picked
  • sign of quality for our juice
  • produced with love and the intention of strenghtening your health

Aronia has benefits for your heart and veins, it lowers and regulates the blood pressure and eliminates a number of stomach problems.

More about aronia

Most wanted product of aronia

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I recommend this 100% natural aronia juice to everyone. It prevents vein diseases.


Really worth of buying?????????


Thank you for inviting me to the presentation, degustation, an option of picking the berries and buying delicious aronia :) We had an amazing time in good company accompanied with the sound of accordion. It was a really happy and relaxed atmosphere ;)


Everything is ? ?


I've never eaten such a delicious homemade jam.


Good afternoon, my name is M F. We talked on telephone… My boyfriend and I have been in Ljubljana on 24th August and we bought Aronija liquor. My boyfriend liked it so much and I would like to buy it again as my gift for it’s birthday is on October.


We trust you and I'm really happy to tell you that your products are the best, natural and of 100% quality. They look nice as well.


How do we consume aronia?

Recommended quantity for consumption of aronia is a handful or 30 berries a day.
It can be consumed as whole berries, but they combine perfectly with curd or a yoghurt for making desserts and dressings. It is possible to produce a delicious homemade juice, syrup, jam, liqueur, smoothie, comp, you can also freeze it and consume it throughout the whole year. In this way you provide yourself with an option of regular consumption in long winter days, when there is a bigger chance of getting a flu, a cold, pneumonia… In that time, the organism needs more support for better immunity.