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Rozalija Šket: the carrier of complementary activity at the farm

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An opportunity to process a piece of once abandoned land of our ancestors and a desire to engage in an activity that is not meant only for us, the desire to produce something that would effectively benefit to people’s health and feeling good but would, at the same time fill in and enrich this wonderful heaven on Earth, has led us to aronia.

Especially because of the health treasure that is hidden inside aronia we decided that we start to breed and processing this amazing fruit at Farm Korunovo.

In the shelter of hill Boč, in the area of a landscape park, our plantation is located from 2013. It is located far away from the roads and fast tempo of life. It’s size is perfect for processing it without machines and hand picking the berries. That way every aronia berry comes directly from our hands into the hands of buyers, either as a fresh fruit, 100% natural juice, syrup, jam, tea, powder, liqueur or as brandy. The nature itself takes care of filling up aronia with everything needed for healthy development and successful growth. That is why farm Korunovo does not use any health hazard additives.

We are especially proud of now already traditional Day of aronia at Korunovo that takes place every year on the third saturday in august. Our friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, coworkers and lovers of aronia hand pick fully mature berries while hanging out, eating and drinking, but also getting to know aronia at Korunovo and spreading positive news about us. Anyone can take a look at our plantation and even walk through it to take a closer look. Visitors find it hard to hide their excitement of looking at our beautifully arranged plantation, of seeing the wonderful view of the surrounding valley and hills. They can pick the berries for themselves as well. When they are returning home, they carry with them the impression of beauty of nature, of hard-working and happy people, of trust in quality and genuineness of home-made, eco products that our farm offers and of a desire to come back.

How to get to us?

We are located a bit over 5 km from tourist destination Rogaška Slatina.

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